Thursday, September 27, 2012

History Behind Marge--Comparison

I wrote a blog the idea about the history behind Marge. Marge is based  on some of my own experience, but not all.  I believe Marge could be likable if she learn to trust people again.
Like me, she has been hurt by men. In her case they were by ones she actually dated or married.  Aren't all women like that?  They go out on a date because someone asked her to and  she likes that person. He seems like nice person, but overtime they did something that really shows  the kind of person they  are. As a result we are hurt. Some of us learn to heal from the hurt, but like Marge, she turn  cynical.  As for me, I give it to God and I don't  go there again. Where is there? Dating websites.  Although I am at a couple of places, the chances of me meeting anyone is next to nothing. Even when they do write, I am very cautious.
Another Experience that we both share, but mine came later is being stuck in a contract. With Marge, she was very clear to the three men that she did not want to sign the contract even though they promised that her crippled leg can be operated on if she signed it. Sounds good right? Who wants to be  crippled for all their life? But she was cynical. There had to be a reason for this "Promise." What was in it for them?  However, due to some manipulation on the men part, she agreed to meet the mastermind behind the contract and found herself in a predicament she could not get herself out of.  I feel the same way. I was leery at first when my friend  told me  of the problems she had with PublishAmerica. I didn't listen to wise counsel and so I paid for it. What did I listen to? The recommendation of a  valued  friend.
Everything I read on their webpage sounded good and I haven't met other authors who had similar problems with them so I read everything my simple mind  could understand and  signed a ten year contract.

I can not get out no matter how hard I try. Just like Marge was not able release herself. Although he gave her two weeks to see if she can make it on her own, I was given none. And the promise of  having your cream come true is not happening through them just as  her leg was still not operable. She did receive healing for leg some other way and so shall I become a best selling author without PA's help.

One  thing for sure, I did have a man in my life 3 years ago and it is unlikely I will be reunited because I looked him up on Spokeo and it looks like he remarried. How sad for me, but who knows? Maybe God  will surprise me someday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am attracted to two types of nationalities so I created a story involving an Italian and a French man. Both are not national born U.S Citizens and both are romantic in their own  ways, but I created Marge to be attracted to one type in which you will discover in my book. Tonight you will learn about Donavan.

Donavan is more of a controlling type  although he denies it. He truly loves Marge not as she is but what she will become. His one true goal in life is to mold Marge into something she is not--a  model.  although he has done it before she was different. There was something that drew her to him, but it wasn't her disability or unwinsome  attitude that steers men away. It was her secret desire to be beautiful again under  all that cynicism she "pretends" to have and he was determine to win her heart and her hand in marriage but he did not count on having competition Read more about him from my book Marge available at online bookstores

Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Carter

As part of my effort to entice you to order Marge, I will be writing about the characters.
Carter. Just who is Carter? He is an important  figure in the novel. He is an Italian like most Italian men, but  in his line of work, romancing the ladies his employer has chosen to be transformed is out of the question. That was no problem for  him because he is not attracted to women who aren't sexy and beautiful...until Marge came along.
As he helped Marge adjust to being transformed, he could not help  how much he reminds her of another Marge he used to know. For some unknown reason, he couldn't put  the two together. The one he knows and this one both love to write and there was something about her that attracted him to her.
When the truth came out, he had to rethink his life: Should he move on and marry his  fiance or should  they  start where they  left off?  Read more about Carter in my book Marge to find out whether the two will reunite.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Part 2 Carter

I have wrote some things about the main female character in my book giving you some insight into my character. The heroine is supposed to be likable but who likes a cynic? However, as you read more and more about her, you will like what she has become and how she handles new situations. Let's discuss Carter.
There isn't too much written about him, but there are clues about his past and  marge's past as well.
Carter is like most Italian and he is true to his  character.  He loves beautiful sexy women, but working for a transformer has mellowed him some. He becomes a professional and  is loyal to his employer. He knows in his contract that he can not have any romantic interest in his employer's ladies. No problem right? Since all the women usually are unattractive and sees very little of them after the complete transformation, but Marge is different. Though he is repulsed by ugly women, he can't but help feel sorry for Marge. As he help his  Marge adjust, they slowly began to have feelings for each other yet deny at  first.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

the Life and Times of Miss Madison: Marge and Dysfunction

the Life and Times of Miss Madison: Marge and Dysfunction: Marge came from a family that didn't have high income and whose family was dysfunctional at best. Many families today are dysfunctional. Th...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More about Marge Pt1

Although, I have written a little about marge in another blog, I decided to decided to  dedicate this one to my book.

I have already stated that Marge came from a dysfunctional family. Her mother divorced her father when she was young and her mother had boyfriends, one Marge slept with. Sexual immorality seems to run in her family's life  except her brother and sister. The difference?  Their faith. Both siblings are Christians and have married their mate after they became Christians. As for Marge, she was a latecomer and very much worldly. She had gotten into bad relationships although out her twenties and in her 30's she said "That's enough!" That was when she became cynical.

Many of us have experienced bad relationships from time to time, but it is how we deal with them. If we  follow   Christ and his lead, surely  we would find the right one. Often time people get in a hurry or maybe they are lonely that they will settle for anyone. I much rather be single than   get into a relationship with the wrong person. What about you?